Clinical Trials

Northeast Indiana Research, LLC has always defined its mission as offering state-of-the-art therapies emerging from clinical research to all of our patients while maintaining the highest standards of care. Ours is the premier research facility in the Midwest and we have assembled the finest research team in the State of Indiana.

We provide quality care for our research volunteers and, by doing so, we create a work environment that fosters professional growth. Maintaining excellence in research translates into excellence in patient care and raises the general quality of healthcare in Northeast Indiana beyond that seen in other areas of the country.
Some areas we provides studies and enrollment in are BPH, ED/PE, prostate cancer, OAB, LUTS, Nocturia and Peyronie disease. This vital service is under the guidance of Dr. Christopher P. Steidle.

Dr. Steidle is a renowned expert and has published resource books including Sex and the Heart, The Impotence Source Book and Testosterone: a user’s manual.

As a patient of Northeast Indiana Urology, you may be asked if you wish to enroll in a clinical trial. There is no obligation and rest assured our goal is to learn, understand and advance urological care.