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Considering a Vasectomy?
Vasectomy is a safe and effective birth control choice for men who are certain they don't want to father a child in the future. It is an outpatient surgery with a low risk of complications or side effects.

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Annually, there are approximately one-half million vasectomies performed in the United States. Almost seven percent of married couples choose vasectomy as their form of contraception. The only aspect of a man’s life that is altered by this procedure is his ability to father children. Because a vasectomy must be viewed as an irreversible procedure, it is a serious step and your decision should be shared with your spouse.

There are many questions that you and your spouse should consider. You must be sure that you do not want to have any more children. You need to consider the possibility of divorce and remarriage. Would you want more children in that event? You should have no doubts about such issues if you are going to have a vasectomy.

It is important to remember, if you should change your mind about having another child after having a vasectomy, you will have to undergo an additional procedure (vasovasostomy) to possibly restore your fertility. This operation is very expensive and carries no guarantee of restoration of fertility.

Please be aware that the vasectomy procedure is performed in conjunction with a pathology review of the vas deferens tissue that is removed.


  • NEIU vasectomy procedure is $899 and the pathology review is $100
  • If your health insurance carrier authorizes the procedure there will be separate payment allowables for these services. The combination of these allowables for both services will determine your total out of pocket responsibility.