Dr. Theodore Wagner | Northeast Indiana Urology

Dr. Theodore Wagner

Specializes in Testosterone Issues, Treatment of Incontinence with Interstim and Botox, Vasectomy

Medical School:
Ohio State University School of Medicine, 1994
Ohio State University Hospital, 1996
Urology Residency:
Ohio State University Hospital, 1999


Dr. Wagner recognized in top 3 urologists in NE Indiana

Dr. Wagner earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Ohio State University in 1994 and went on to complete his residency in urology also at Ohio State University in 1999. He joined Northeast Indiana Urology in 1999 following his residency and became board certified in 2001. Dr. Wagner was recently recognized as one of the top 3 urologists in Northeast Indiana. This recognition was made as a result of a statewide survey of 2500 physicians asking them to name the top physicians in each specialty area. Dr. Wagner’s practice includes the full range of adult urologic medicine and surgery and he serves as a primary investigator for a number of clinical research studies conducted by Northeast Indiana Research. He has a special interest in wellness including exercise, diet and nutrition.