Dr. Terri Lordes, PA

Dr. Terri Lordes currently holds a position as an Associate Professor of Urology at the University of Pennsylvania Health System, where she also leads as the Director of Urologic Health Informatics. Before joining Penn Medicine, she served as an Assistant Medical Information Officer at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. During her tenure, she prioritized the integration of urology-oriented disciplines into health informatics and efficiently managed the urologic clinical information systems.

Beyond her institutional duties, Dr. Lordes continues to practice clinically at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. As an active member of the American Urological Association (AUA), she participated in creating the 2022 Urologic Care Continuity Record, a novel step toward interoperability in urology. She was instrumental in establishing the AUA’s policy on Personal Health Records, and in 2022, she championed an AUA Resolution, urging the association to be at the forefront of developing and implementing urology-specific EHRs.

As a founding member of the Pennsylvania Medical Association’s Health Information Technology (HIT) Committee, Dr. Lordes is well-recognized for her proactive stance in endorsing the usability and safety of HIT. Her extensive bibliography includes several articles and peer-reviewed papers, primarily focused on health informatics.

Graduating with honors from Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. Lordes also earned her MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. Her wide-ranging business experience, spanning over a decade, includes managing a health tech startup. In 2020, she secured her board certification in Clinical Informatics, achieving a top percentile score in the initial informatics examination. Her professional passions extend to patient care and the enhancement of HIT quality, safety, and usability, always with a view to ensure her patients enjoy enriched lives.

Personally, Dr. Lordes is an avid practitioner of tai chi and won the Pennsylvania State Tai Chi Championship in 2023. She has enjoyed 20 years of marriage and treasures her time hiking through Pennsylvania’s beautiful trails with her spouse and their cherished cat.